The Importance of Regular Facials

There are many benefits of getting a professional facial. Healthier, clearer and more beautiful skin are only a few of the reasons to see an esthetician on a regular basis. Here are a few more reasons to take up self-care.



Professional Skin Analysis

When’s the last time you had someone examine your skin? A professional skin analysis will reveal your true skin type. This way the esthetician can cater your treatment and product recommendations based off of your unique needs. This also allows for your esthetician to regularly check your skin for any abnormal skin growths or mole changes.


Professional Strength Products and Exfoliation

Most facials include some type exfoliation. It could be enzymes, acids, microdermabrasion or use of an ultrasound. While some of your homecare regimen may include some of these exfoliants, they aren’t near as strong as professional grade. This will increase cellular turn over, soften fine lines, make pore extraction easier, soften skin and help promote a more even skin tone. The use of professional grade products will help repair your skin and provide intense hydration for all skin types.


Increases skins circulation to encourage a natural glow

Aging naturally leads to slowed circulation. That then leads to tired, dull looking skin. During a facial, most times you will receive a facial massage. Along with steam, these processes help to increase blood flow which brings nutrients to the skin. Those nutrients encourage a glowing radiance and brings youthfulness to skins surface


Stress Relief and ME time

One of my favorite benefits of a regular facial is being able to take an hour to yourself and just unwind. Facials are extremely relaxing and de-stress you both physically and mentally. We tend to spend a lot of time caring for other people in our lives, so why not take some time to care for yourself. You can re-energize and clear your mind.