What In The World Is Micro Current & Why Your Face Needs It

Or as we like to call it, the 5 Minute Non- Surgical Face Lift! This impressive treatment for aging skin utilizes a low level electrical current to increase the body’s own ability to produce collagen and elastin, it improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage which aids in reducing puffiness and tightens and lifts sagging skin which improves facial contours. This results in smoother, tighter, and firmer skin – especially when combined with a proper skin care regime of with quality active ingredients.


As the skin ages, its cells lose much of their natural energy. This leads to a breakdown of collagen, which is the main protein of connective tissue, and elastin which is the main ingredient in the skin that allows it to stretch. Every year we are loosing a small percent of the collagen that makes up most of our dermal layers. Once we lose enough collagen and elastin we start seeing sagging skin and wrinkles starting to deepen. Underneath the skin, some of the facial muscles become elongated over years of age and gravity while othesr become over contracted from facial expressions. 

Micro Current literally recharges the cells of the face with new energy. With each Micro Current treatment, cells energy levels are stockpiled and stored. This is why results are cumulative, and become better with a series of treatments. This increase of energy in the skin allows the muscles in the face to stay in the “re-educated “ positions for longer periods of time. Think of it as a "workout" for your skin. This is what gives you youthful facial contours. It also improves condition, color, and the overall health of your skin. The best part of it all-- its completely painless. Micro current is sub-sensory, so the treatment is very soothing. 



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